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Classification of Steamed Breads and Buns (Part 2)

Classification of Steamed Breads and Buns (Part 1)

A. DIFFERENCES IN INGREDIENTS The ingredients for traditional northern- and southern-style steamed breads are very simple: flour, water, and yeast or sourdough (Huang and Miskelly, 1991). Guangdong-style steamed bread may contain up to 25% sugar and 10% fat (Huang and Quail, 1997). Lard was the traditional source of fat, but has now been replaced by fats derived from palm or soy beans. Raising agents, particularly ammonium bicarbonate, have also been used to increase the softness. Dried milk powder or fresh milk is often used to enhance the flavor and protein content.
B. DIFFERENCES IN PHYSICAL PROPERTIES AND EATING QUALITY Key steamed bread quality parameters include specific volume, spread ratio, skin smoothness, color, and texture.
1. Specific Volume Specific volume is defined as the ratio of volume in milliliters to the weight ingrams. The specific volume for northern-style steamed bread is less than 2.5, while the specific volume fo…