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Question and Flour Problems : Culvitation, Harvest and Wheat Supply

1.Is there a connection between soil characteristics and the quality of wheat? Wheat needs good soils that ensure an adequate supply of nitrogen to the plant. Soil quality can be improved with suitable fertilizers and by the right choice of the preceding crop.
2. How do the weather and fertilization affect the properties of gluten? Nitrogen fertilization and cool weather increase the amount of the softening gluten component gliadin. In warm, dry conditions more glutenin is stored, and this results in short and dry dough properties.
3. What are the principles for storing freshly harvested wheat? At least the worst of the dirt and black dockage should be removed before the wheat grains are put into storage. The moisture content should also be measured so that excess water can be reduced by drying or regular turning over with the pneumatic system to prevent the growth of micro-organisms and other pests. The moisture content should be adjusted reliably to a level below 14%; then the wheat c…