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Milling and Baking Quality of Wheat

Milling Quality of Wheat
Important properties are :
1.Purity of the wheat, i.e. dockage or Besatz and other impurities The lesser the admixture, the higher the value of the wheat. Mechanically operated apparatuses (e.g. Granotest) have been developed in recent years to ascertain the percentage of impurities. The evaluation is done by a standard method.
2.Test weight (bushel or hectoliter weight) The viewpoints differ greatly as to the significance of these factors to milling. It is in any case an accepted fact that these factors are not always indicitive as to the milling quality of wheat.
The hectoliter weight of a first class wheat can e.g. decrease from 81.5 kg to 72.5 k, merely through contamination on with small quantities of powder (sand, dust). The milling quality is not necessarily reduced in this case. Vice versa variations in the test weight due to oily substance are also noticeable. It is generally known that hectorliter weight (HL) is also influenced by moisture content, dec…