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Quality Survey Soft Red Winter Wheat 2017

Weather and Harvest: Soft red winter wheat (SRW) is grown over a wide area of eastern United States. Thearea seeded to SRW in fall 2016 for the 2017 harvest is estimated by USDA at 5.6 million acres (2.3 millionhectares), down from 6.6 million acres (2.7 million hectares) seeded for the 2016 harvest and well below the five-year average SRW planted area. The reduced area is attributed mainly to choices made by growers based on commodity prices. The 2017 SRW production, estimated at 8.3 million metric tons (MMT), is down from 9.4 MMT in 2016 and is well below the five-year average. However, USDA estimates that the total SRW supply (excluding imports) for the 2017/18 marketing year is 4% higher than 2016/17 because of higher 2017/18 beginning stocks.
Planting proceeded at a slightly slower than normal pace in fall 2016. However, the crop was in good condition by late fall with more than 90% of winter wheat rated fair to excellent in five of the six SRW survey states where wheat crop cond…