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Wheat Classes (Australian Wheat, Indian Wheat and Russian Wheat)

By Novozymes
Australian Wheat Classes
There are several wheat classes in Australia, which include hundreds of wheat varieties. According to the Australian Wheat Board, their characteristics are the following: Australian Prime Hard Wheat has a guaranteed minimum protein level of 13 and 14%, and is the top quality high protein milling wheat. Australian Prime Hard is made from selected white hard-grained wheat varieties of exceptional milling quality. Flour milled from Australian Prime Hard is used to produce Chinese style yellow alkaline noodles and Japanes Ramen Noodles. It is also suitable for the production of high protein, high volume breadsAustralian Hard Wheat consists of specific hard grained white wheat varieties selected for superior milling performance and excellent dough quality. It is segregated at a guaranteed minimum protein level of 11.5%. The flour derived from Australian Hard Wheat is ideally suited to the production of a wide range baked products including European style…

Wheat Classes (U.S. Wheat, French Wheat, German Wheat and Canadian Wheat)

By Novozymes
There are thousands of wheat varieties around the world. Of commercial significance are two species : soft or common (Triticum aestivum), and durum (Triticum durum). The major exporting countries have developed various classification systems to ensure uniformity in milling, processing and baking properties. According USDA the overall wheat production is estimated at 655 million tons for the 2012-2013 crop. Out of that 138 million tons are traded. The picture below demonstrates the share of each major exporting country.

Population growth in various parts of the developing world combined with strong economic growth have increased demand for food and feed wheat. This demand is driven mainly by countries with low incomes and expanding populations in the Middle East (Saudi Arabia, UAE, Yemen, and Oman) and North Africa (Egypt, Algeria, and Morocco), Southeast Asia (Indonesia, Philippines, and Vietnam) and Latin America (Brazil and Mexico).
U.S. Wheat Classes
U.S. has six wheat…