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Steamed Product Types

August 16, 2018
China is the world’s largest producer of wheat, which is mainly grown in the north, and so it is in the north that steamed bread or man...


August 15, 2018
1. Why does sandwich bread made from our flour (100% DNS) have a coarser texture when xylanase is added. Whereas we would expect t...


August 14, 2018
1. Is there rye breeding just as there is wheat breeding? Although some rye is grown and bred in the USA and Australia, 90% of all ...

Durum, Pasta and Noodles

August 02, 2018
1. Where is durum wheat grown? Throughout the world, provided that the climatic conditions are suitable (warm and dry). The bigges...

Ready-Mixed Flour

August 02, 2018
1. What advantages do ready-mixed flours have over ordinary bakers and house hold flours? The purpose of ready-mixed flours is to m...